Vanguard’s principles for investing success


Your roadmap to successful investing is based on four simple principles.



Having a goal in mind can help when it comes to picking the right investments. This could be anything from saving for retirement, to buying a home.


Rather than trying to pick the winning investment each year, investing across a wide variety of assets can help reduce the risk of loss. Investors who are well diversified tend to enjoy a smoother investment ride over the long term.

In fact, investing in the right mix of shares and bonds based on your client's risk/reward tolerance could have a bigger impact than anything else you do.


When it comes to investing, every dollar paid in costs is a dollar that is no longer part of your client's investment.

Unlike the markets, costs are largely controllable. Keeping costs low is a critical part of every investor's toolkit.


With constant market news, it can be tempting for investors to make impulsive investment decisions.

Your clients with the patience and discipline to stay the course can be well rewarded over the long term.