Vanguard’s Diversified Investments provide low-cost, instant exposure to over 16,000 securities through a range of asset classes, including Australian, international and emerging market equities and fixed income.

There are four risk profiles, with different growth and defensive allocations. Each option includes strategic asset allocation, rebalancing, and tracks carefully chosen indexes to capture broad market returns.


More time back

We’re constantly managing the portfolio rebalancing so you can focus on your clients and your business.

More peace of mind

Four all-in-one, risk-mapped strategies that will always remain aligned to their respective risk and return objectives.

More value to clients

Easy to understand strategies with low fees, regular updates and a history of strong performance over the long-term.

The four risk profiles offer different growth and defensive weightings.

Our Diversified Funds can be used for the core of your client’s portfolio or as a stand-alone solution.

Hear from advisers about why they use Vanguard’s Diversified Funds.

About our strategic asset allocation process

Our research* shows that the SAA decision drives the vast majority of portfolio return movement, rather than market-timing or security selection. Learn more about our SAA process.

Why strategic asset allocation gives you the edge

For any tactical move to be successful, you need to be right not just once—but five times. Even if managers do get it right, the value-add from successfully timing the market is marginal

Get more from your core

When it comes to the core of your client’s portfolio, it pays to get it right. And that means looking beyond the headline fee to deliver better client outcomes.

Scale matters

Whether it’s manufacturing cars or managing index funds, greater scale means the opportunity for increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Pass the trade

ETFs make investing simple. But below the surface the Vanguard Global Investment Management team is working around the clock to create the best outcomes for your clients.

Vanguard ETF Capital Markets

Our ETF Capital Markets team is on hand to help you with your ETF trading and execution.

Investment stewardship

We steward the assets of more than 30 million investors worldwide. Our four principles of governance guide our approach to proxy voting, engagement, and advocacy.

* Important Information: Vanguard research: 90% of return variation is driven by strategic asset allocation. Source: Vanguard calculations, using data from Morningstar, Inc. Notes: For each fund in our sample, a calculated adjusted R2 represents the percentage of actual-return variation explained by policy-return variation. The Australian market sample covered 682 balanced funds from January 1, 1990, through September 30, 2020. Calculations were based on monthly net returns, and policy allocations were derived from a fund’s actual performance compared with a benchmark using returns-based style analysis (as developed by William F. Sharpe) on a 36-month rolling basis. Funds were selected from Morningstar’s Multi-Sector Balanced category. Only funds with at least 48 months of return history were considered in the analysis. The policy portfolio was assumed to have an expense ratio of 2.0 bps per month (24 bps annually, or 0.24%).