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Portfolio Builder gives your clients confidence in your portfolio recommendations with in-depth reporting and comparisons backed by Morningstar data. Build portfolios using investment products from Vanguard and other issuers, conduct in-depth analysis with a wealth of metrics, and create side-by-side comparisons to show your clients how your recommendations can support their investment objectives. Save your analysis and revisit it with your clients at any time.

Peak portfolio performance, demonstrated.
Update your analysis at any time with everything in one place.
Make side-by-side comparisons using a wealth of portfolio metrics.
Generate a custom report to share with clients and enhance conversations.

The new Portfolio Builder is now available, offering an improved look and feel and a smoother experience for users.

The old Portfolio Builder was retired on 8 November. We asked users who wished to retain their portfolios to export their files for use in the new Portfolio Builder.

You can now access the new Portfolio Builder and import your portfolios by following the steps below. 

Access the new Portfolio Builder by registering for Adviser Portal. You’ll need your Authorised Representative Number and ABN.

If you’re a Vanguard Online user, you can use your current username and password to fast track your registration.

Get started.

When you’ve completed your Adviser Portal registration, you’ll be able to access the new Portfolio Builder from the Adviser Tools section.

From the options menu select ‘Create a portfolio’. Select ‘Upload an old Portfolio Builder file’, click the ‘Upload file’ button and navigate to your portfolio files on your computer. These will be saved as CSV files and contain your portfolio weights.

Select the portfolio file you wish to import and click ‘submit’.

Your portfolio will now appear in the Portfolio Builder.

Make sure to save your imported portfolio by clicking ‘Save portfolio’, giving it a name and hitting the ‘Update’ button.

Repeat this step if you have a second portfolio to include in your analysis.

Note: If your analysis contains two portfolios, you will need to import each portfolio separately.


If you have any questions about your Portfolio Builder access, please email us or call 1300 655 205.