Important information: Vanguard Personal Investor company accounts are only available to companies that meet the following criteria:

The company must be a proprietary company and solely a tax resident of Australia.
The company isn't controlled by a foreign person(s).
The company shareholders comprise solely of individual persons residing in Australia.
The company has no more than 10 company officers (directors and company secretary) associated to the company.

The company is not an investment platform, a custodian, or a regulated entity or institution holding an Australian Financial Services Licence* for the purposes of undertaking investment activities on behalf of others.
*Note that a domestic company registered with ASIC is not the same as an ASIC regulated company. An ASIC regulated company requires an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

To open a Vanguard Personal Investor company account, each applicant that is an authorised company officer must:
Be an Australian resident aged +18 years and have the authority to make this application on behalf of the company.
Be a director of the company or the company secretary.
Have an Australian residential address.
Have an Australian mobile number and email address.
To open a Vanguard Personal Investor company account, the primary applicant will need to have the following ready:
Having your mobile number is an added level of security.
You may need your passport or an Australian driver's licence.
You'll need an Australian bank account BSB and account number in the name of the company.
We'll use the ACN to verify the company information with ASIC.