Why Personal Investor Kids?

With over four decades of investing experience, we’re here to give your child the financial head start they deserve.

We keep our costs low

No account fees and low management fees and costs mean you can invest more in your child’s future.

Invest from as little as $25

Start investing regularly today from as little as $25 per fortnight, month or quarter, and help grow your child’s wealth for the long term.

Regular investing made easy

Invest in your child’s portfolio fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. Add to your plan with optional one-off investments.

45+ years of global investment experience

We manage over $10 trillion of assets with 50 million investors worldwide.
With Personal Investor Kids, each ready-made portfolio is a complete, diversified investment strategy wrapped in one.
Just like koalas are slow and steady. Our Conservative portfolio aims for slow and steady income returns with some growth.
Wombats are steady on their legs. So is our Balanced portfolio, which aims to deliver a balance of income and growth.
Emus can easily cover a metre in one step. Our Growth portfolio aims to deliver strong long-term growth potential with some income.
Like a kangaroo, our High Growth portfolio has been built to take higher risks to achieve stronger growth over the long term.

*Most popular diversified ready-made portfolio for the Vanguard Personal Investor Kids Account as at 14 June 2023

As the parent or guardian, you have full control and responsibility for the Kids Account.

Open a Personal Investor Account
To open a Personal Investor Kids Account, you need to have your own Vanguard Personal Investor Account (which includes Individual, Joint, Trust, Self-managed super fund (SMSF) and Company accounts) so you can have full responsibility for the Kids Account.
Login to open a Kids Account
Once you’ve logged into Vanguard Online, follow the prompts to open a Kids Account - this should only take five minutes.
Choose one investment portfolio
Pick from one of four ready-made diversified portfolios for your child. Each portfolio is a complete, diversified investment strategy wrapped into one.
Set up a regular investing plan via Auto Invest
Choose to invest in your child’s portfolio from as little as $25 per fortnight, month or quarter. You can always change the amount and frequency later on.
Add an additional child (optional)
Easily open another Personal Investor Kids Account if you have more than one child; simply follow the prompts after opening the first account.

Kelly loves sharing fun facts about investing, especially with kids. You’ll see Kelly hanging around your screen when you’re opening a Vanguard Personal Investor Kids Account. Don’t forget to click on her along the journey, and why not get the kids involved too?

By the way, did you know children’s money habits form as early as seven years old?