Call us at 1300 655 101 or email us immediately to report unauthorised activity on your accounts, or if you suspect fraud.

We need to know immediately if you've been a victim of fraud. Please take the following steps: 

Contact Vanguard immediately

at 1300 655 101 or send an email to

Contact your bank

Conduct a full virus scan on all your computers and mobile devices.

You need to make sure you've removed any malicious code from your computers and devices before completing the next steps.

Change your credentials on all websites you log on to.

This includes your username, password, and security questions. Also remember to change your email and social media accounts.

Alert credit bureaus.

These companies monitor your credit activity and can block people from opening accounts using your information. Contact each credit bureau below:

IDcare: 1800 595 160 – Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service -

Equifax: 13 83 32 -

Experian: 1300 783 684 -

You can send an email to and include your name, the circumstances of the criminal activity, and a phone number where we can reach you. Or you can call us at 1300 655 101 so we can collect the details and begin to investigate.

Monitor the activity in your Vanguard account, and alert us immediately of any activity you didn't authorise.

  • Review the account-related information we send or make available to you as soon as you receive it, including account statements, confirmations, changes to your mail preferences (such as an address change), bank information (such as the addition or deletion of a bank), and other services.
  • Let us know immediately if you discover unauthorised activity, whether that activity is a transaction, a change to your account, or the addition, removal, or change of an account option or service. If you see something that you don't understand or that looks unusual, contact us for an explanation.