The best investment portfolios are tweaked over time. We developed Lifecycle to do this for you, automatically. Drawing on 45+ years of Vanguard’s global investment expertise, Lifecycle’s been intelligently designed to focus on growth investments in your younger years and gradually introduce more defensive investments as you age, decreasing your investment risk as you near retirement. All without you having to lift a finger.

Lifecycle automatically adjusts its investment mix according to your age


This is the brilliance of Lifecycle. Its investment mix automatically adjusts according to your age, without any extra effort on your part.
Vanguard has 45+ years of global investment expertise. We’ve put all that to work in Lifecycle, intelligently designed to automatically adjust its investment mix as you age.
That’s $290 per year on a balance of $50,000.

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Your yearly fee is made up of administration, investment and transaction fees and costs. There may be other fees and costs, see our fees for details.

Play with the slider to see how Lifecycle changes as you age.