Have my super paid into Vanguard Super

Complete this form to tell your employer to pay your contributions to Vanguard Super.

Letter of compliance

Give this letter to your employer when you ask them to pay your contributions to Vanguard Super. This letter confirms Vanguard Super is a complying super fund.

Provide my Tax File Number

Complete this form to provide your TFN to Vanguard Super.

Vanguard Super SaveSmart Product Disclosure Statement

A summary of key information about investing in Vanguard Super SaveSmart. Everything from how we invest your money, our fees and costs, to how your super is taxed. Includes a Significant Event Notice dated 1 November 2023.

Significant Event Notice dated 1 November 2023

Vanguard Super Pty Ltd is making several changes to Vanguard Super SaveSmart. These changes cover advice fees, insurance arrangements, a new asset class for the Ethically Conscious Growth investment option, and changes to the Diversified investment options (including Lifecycle). Please read carefully this Significant Event Notice for further information.

Your super guide

A detailed guide to managing your Vanguard Super SaveSmart account. Learn about making contributions, accessing your money, nominating beneficiaries, as well as fees and costs, and tax.

Your super guide member notice

Important information regarding changes to Downsizer contribution age eligibility requirements.

Important notice to members dated 1 July 2023

We’re making changes to Vanguard Super’s Diversified investment options (including the Lifecycle investment option with its auto-adjusting asset allocation). This notice explains the changes that take effect from 1 July 2023.

Investing your super

Important information about investing your super with Vanguard Super SaveSmart, including the investment options, how they’re managed, how to change your investments, and the investment-related risks of super.

Insurance in your super

Learn more about insurance through your Vanguard Super SaveSmart account, including types of cover, eligibility, costs, changing or cancelling cover, and how to claim.

MySuper dashboard

Detail on Vanguard's MySuper option to help you compare our MySuper product with other MySuper products (calculated for a member with an account balance of $50k).

Target Market Determination

More about the consumer suited to Vanguard Super's SaveSmart offer. Contains information on their likely objectives, financial situation and needs (the "target market"). Also contains details on the distribution conditions for Vanguard Super products.

Financial services guide

Key information about services provided by Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd. including details on any fees and costs, remuneration and complaints handling.

Vanguard Super Portfolio Holdings Disclosure

Your super is invested across different asset classes, regions and market sectors. The link below provides a detailed view of all the underlying assets (or “holdings”) Vanguard Super is invested in through our different investment options. The Lifecycle investment option is invested in a number of underlying asset sector investments and each of those asset sector investments has its portfolio holdings detailed separately. Note: This information is updated twice yearly, as at 31 December and 30 June, in line with Portfolio Holdings Disclosure regulations. The link below provides details of portfolio holdings as at 30 June, 2023.

Index information for the Lifecycle, Diversified (except Ethically Conscious Growth), International Shares and International Shares (Hedged) investment options

Learn more about the exclusions that apply to these investment options.

Index information for the Ethically Conscious Growth investment option

Learn more about the exclusions that apply to this investment option.

Governing rules / Trust deed

All the rules for how Vanguard Super is set up and how it operates, including who can join and how your benefits will be paid.

Vanguard Super constitution

Everything you need to know about how Vanguard Super manages governance matters including how we appoint and remove directors; pass resolutions and decide Directors' remuneration, among other topics.

Board appointment & renewal policy

All about our governance process when it comes to nominating, appointing and removing Directors.

Board meeting attendance

Details on the number of Trustee board meetings each of Vanguard Super’s Directors have attended from our date of licensing.

Vanguard Super Pty Ltd Key Management Personnel Remuneration Disclosure

Trustee key management personnel remuneration disclosure for the year ended 30 June 2023.

Vanguard Super Pty Ltd Financial Report

Trustee financial report for the year ended 31 December 2022.

Register of relevant interests & duties

A register of any duties or interests held by Responsible Persons of Vanguard Super. Designed to keep stakeholders informed of where any conflicting duties may arise.

Fund service provider details

This document lists the names of key service providers for Vanguard Super.

TFN collection statement

How Vanguard Super collects, uses and discloses your tax file number (TFN).

Vanguard Super Annual Financial Statements 2023

Vanguard Super Annual Financial Report 30 June 2023.

ESG & stewardship policy

Read about our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. How does Vanguard Super think about ESG in the context of delivering value to your Super?

Retirement income strategy

This is a summary of Vanguard Super's retirement income strategy.

Complaints handling policy

Our approach to resolving any member complaints in a fair, equitable and timely manner.

Conflicts management policy

Our members trust us to act honestly and fairly at all times. This summary sets out how we manage potential or actual conflicts of interest across our business.

Proxy voting policy

More on the role of Vanguard Super and Vanguard's Investment Stewardship team in the proxy voting process for companies Vanguard is invested in.